Dan Eggertsen,
Crappie Fishing Researcher

12 Backcountry Crappie Fishermen Reveal Jealously-Guarded
“Fish Slamming” Secrets They Used To Catch Crappie... Or Starve!

Discover how these unusual “primal instinct control” secrets attract crappie and stimulate attacks… now you can haul in monster crappie too!

Dear Crappie Fisherman,

If you think you've "tried everything" for catching crappie, you're in for the biggest shock of your life.

There's a secretive fishing brotherhood that discovered how to stimulate crappie "instinct triggers". Their closely-guarded techniques consistently embarrass almost every other fisherman who tries to compete.

These old school crappie fishermen aren't any smarter than anyone else, but there's a serious advantage they had that most guys never will...

They Were Forced To Catch Crappie… Or Starve To Death!

When you're dirt poor (some of these guys grew up during the Great Depression and World War II), and your survival depends on catching fish -- you figure things out real quick. You’ll do almost anything to put a free meal on the table... and you'll catch the hell out of 'em, even when other people swear they "aren't biting".

These good ol’ boys survived by discovering unique and brilliant methods of catching crappie.

Why crappie? Because they were the best tasting fish in these guys' fishing spots. (if you cook 'em right, they are damn good eatin')

So these fishermen figured out how to catch them like crazy... and now they've become small town crappie fishing legends. (They're also known for pulling out crappies consistently, even when nobody else can get a bite...)

Even professional crappie fishermen can’t hold a candle to these guys.

Look, anyone who gets paid to catch crappie as a professional knows what they are doing. They’ve got some great advice.

But every professional crappie fisherman has to follow certain rules. And most of them never had to catch crappie to put food on the table. (Heck, some of the pros come from serious money, with their big boats and expensive fishing equipment)

In A “No Rules” Fishing Contest,
Who Would You Bet On?

The fishing pro who normally follows strict tournament rules… or…

The “old school” crappie fisherman who had to crawl inside the mind of a crappie… discover how to trigger its attack instincts… and haul them in by the bucket-load so his family could eat that night?

I’ll put my money on the old school guy all day long, and twice on Sundays!


Because I was lucky enough to break into an inner circle of these crappie fishing gurus. And the secrets they use are so unique -- and so damn effective for stimulating crappie attacks, other fishermen just can’t compete.

That’s because most of us aren’t desperate enough to spend thousands of hours testing different strategies. And when you’re desperate -- you’ll do whatever is necessary to pull up a huge mess of crappie… fast.

These Old School Fishermen Prove It Has
Nothing To Do With Luck...

Sure, everyone gets lucky once in awhile. Hell, I’ve been in the same spot with the same bait on back to back days. On day one I was shut out… but on day two I absolutely killed it! And I’ve got no explanation why.

But how about the old school guy who “kills it” every time he goes crappie fishing? I’ll tell you one thing… it ain’t luck.

You get to your fishing spot and ask, “Did you guys catch anything?”

You hear bad news from almost everyone out there. “Not a bite”, or “Caught a couple small ones and had to throw ‘em back.” Soon, a few guys get bored and go home.

Then you see a rugged old guy out by himself. He’s catching keeper crappie, and throwing them back, because he caught his limit 2 hours ago!

He’s in the same location, at the same time of day, using similar equipment… but he’s pulling up dozens of crappie, while everyone else struggles.

The first time you see a guy like this, you might think he’s just a lucky S.O.B. But when you see him doing it again, and again, and again – it drives you absolutely crazy because you can’t figure out how he’s so damn good.

You see, catching crappie consistently has nothing to do with luck because…

These Old School Fishing Gurus Laser Focus On
The Only 3 Areas Of Crappie Fishing That Matter

1. Find them (If you can’t find ‘em, you ain’t gonna catch ‘em)

Give one of these guys a 10 second glace at your body of water – and he’ll know EXACTLY where schools of crappie are waiting to ambush.

You see, crappie have certain “programmed” tendencies. And if you know the secret for using mother nature to target the largest schools of crappie, you’ll be the guy fishing in exactly the right spot. (There are also tactics these guys use to exploit the natural habitatation –- attracting swarms of crappie to almost any spot!)

2. Get crappie to attack YOUR bait

The old school guys know how a crappie thinks, and they use special techniques to trigger its feeding instincts… stimulating an instant attack.

They get bites consistently using “doctored up” baits and lures with special movement patterns. When done right, these techniques are irresistible to crappie.

Plus, they’ve discovered how to sense more bites…

You’d be shocked how many crappie have taken your bait into their mouths, then spit it out and got away… without you even knowing.

Of course, some nibbles are impossible to detect. But if you get the inside scoop on how to detect more strikes, you can easily increase the amount of crappie you catch by 300%... no shit! (Don’t believe me? Just wait until these good ol’ boys show you a few bite sensitivity secrets. You’ll "crappie" your pants when you see how many you’ve been losing! )

Bottom line: you don’t want to fish next to one of these guys… unless you don’t mind watching him pull ‘em out right and left -- stealing most of the action with his secret techniques.

3. Bring them in (without losing them!)

FACT: Crappie have paper thin mouths, and it’s easy to lose ‘em by ripping your hook right through.

There’s only one thing worse than going home without a bite. It’s losing a record-breaking crappie in the middle of the fight because your hook rips out. (or worse, your line breaks)

You see, losing crappie was not an option for master crappie fishermen with families to feed. So they discovered fail-safe methods to bring in the biggest fighters… even those thrashing “monsters”.

Just imagine the huge increase in crappie you’d catch with just a few old school secrets in each of these areas (finding fish, getting a bite, reeling it in)… you could easily ten times the amount of crappie you catch starting next week.

Who Are These 12 “Old School” Crappie Fishing Legends?

These old guys are some crazy characters... it'd be a hoot throwing back a beer with any of them.

But under the surface, they're hard core crappie fishermen.

And due to circumstances beyond their control -- each guy found himself in a situation where he had to catch fish for survival. For some it was growing up in the Great Depression or World War II... for others it was being in a large family, with low income.

Here's a quick list of all 12 guys:

Fisherman #1: Carlton Byrum (He made fisherman of the year 2 times in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. His secrets are tailor-made for turning "fished out" spots into pure “crappie catchin’ gold”...)

Fisherman #2: Bill "Pee Wee" Reese (This guy is amazing - and funny as all hell... he's been at it 64 years, and catches an average of 3 crappie every 10 minutes)

Fisherman #3: Jerry Bevis (The king of tricky tactics to bring consistent strikes… and he got 'em all from his grandfather a long time ago)

Fisherman #4: Randy "Mr. Danger" Musgrove (He's a total Wildman… and he's discovered brilliant bait doctoring secrets and crappie espionage tactics)

Fisherman #5: Shayne "The Poor Boy Fishing Fanatic" Simmons (He can take his old beat up fishing rod and whip the pants off any "high tech" crappie fisherman... and he told me exactly how he does it)

Fisherman #6: Steve "Gar Bait" Farmer (master of "scent" tactics... his amazing "crappie catnip" is so potent he’s kept it a secret for years!)

Fisherman #7: Dale Mitchell (student of the legendary "Catfish Charlie"… plus, he learned from his father -- a master crappie fisherman)

Fisherman #8: Tommy "Crappie Seed" Cornelius (he’s discovered unique “baiting” secrets to bring hundreds of crappie to almost any spot. It’s taken him 25 years of experimentation to perfect his crappie drawing techniques…)

Fisherman #9: Alan Irving (He’s a little lazy, and never liked to break a sweat catching crappie. His unique tactics are so easy, even raw beginners can use them to catch more crappie with very little effort)

Fisherman #10: Greg White (He’s discovered a ton of little "tweaks" that make all the difference. His techniques will give anyone multiple advantages over most crappie fishermen...)

Fisherman #11: James Ketchum (The "mad scientist" of rapid-fire crappie jiggin' that stimulates a crappies primal attack instinct!)

Fisherman #12: Doug "Mr. Jig" Dials (Another old master of crappie jiggin’... he uses secrets to make jigs work like magic, and haul in dozens of crappie quickly)

These old masters don’t use expensive gear, and they laugh at the latest “hot lure” or fishing T.V. show. They know very few of these “fads” really help people catch crappie…

Instead, they absorbed every sacred fishing secret they got from their fathers, grandfathers, and local “old masters” of the day.

I’m not talking about the stuff you’ll read in the latest “professional crappie fishing guide”. I’m talking about the old school secrets, passed from generation to generation… discovered through years of crappie fishing. Each one tested, each one proven to work by putting enough fish on the table to feed the whole family... every single night.

Do You Want In On Their Crappie Fishing Family Secrets?

If you were to ask one of these 12 old school fishermen how he catches so many crappie… he’ll usually give you a line of “BS”. Or he’ll just smile and say, “just gettin’ lucky”. Yeah, right – what a crock of crap...pie!

Well, a year ago, I accidentally discovered how these guys are doing it! And it turned into one of the most amazing experiences of my life…

How I Discovered The Secrets Of 12 Old School Crappie
Fishing Masters Who Had To Catch Fish, Or Starve!

My name is Dan Eggertsen, and I always believed there were secrets for dominating local crappie spots. It always killed me to hear about old backcountry guys bringing home enormous stringers of crappie -- while I was struggling to get a bite. (I was sick and tired of coming home empty handed... it's embarrassing!)

How the hell did they do it?

Well, one day about 2 years ago I got a surprise phone call from an old Kentucky crappie fisherman. It turns out he was friends with my Great Uncle (in World War II), and he called to find out if I was related.

He told me crazy stories about my Uncle, and we became fast friends.

Then the fishing stories started... and towards the end of the phone call (4 hours and 6 beers later), he told me about a secret brotherhood of old school crappie fishermen in the U.S.

He said these guys have unique secrets for hauling in buckets of crappie at will - even hundreds in a single day... and even when nobody else is catching any!

At first I didn't believe him... until he told me he's one of them! (...and he proved it by revealing two crappie catching strategies that absolutely floored me!)

I was dying to find out more, and I told him I wanted "in" on all these secrets. And that's when he gave me a brilliant idea!

For this idea to work, I had to get each of these guys on the phone. So he gave me a list of their names and phone numbers. (he laughed when I asked for email addresses... most of these guys don't even have computers)

Then I called every single one of them on the phone. (I even had to track down a few guys that had moved...)

And once I got ahold of them, it was like pulling teeth to get any information about their crappie catching secrets… but after a lot of begging (and a special incentive) they slowly started talking… and once they got going, I couldn’t get them to shut up!

“Legal Bribery” Convinced Them To Reveal Their Most
Closely-Guarded Crappie Fishing Secrets!

The key was to get these tight-lipped old guys to start talking. It wasn’t easy, and I had to get creative.

You see, for years people begged these old school fishermen to give up their secrets… and for years they’ve kept quiet. Frankly, I think they got tired of people expecting to get their family fishing secrets for free.

…Until A Young Whipper-Snapper Offered To Pay For Them... Me!

Who wouldn’t want to talk about something they love, and get paid for it?

But even money wasn’t enough, at first. It wasn’t until I gained their trust that they really opened up… and their secrets gushed through the phone like water through a broken dam.

My jaw hit the floor when I discovered some of their wild and crazy methods. (Like mass crappie attraction principles, attack stimulation techniques, “bait magnetizing” secrets, etc…)

"...I Used Two Of The "Crappie Attraction" Methods...
I Pulled In 462 Crappie In 7 1/2 Hours Of Fishing!

(Click "play" to listen to Satch's experience with these secrets - 1 minute 57 seconds)

Hello Dan!

First, I've got to congratulate you in putting together this ingenius material. I never realized there were so many unique ways of catching crappie around the U.S. - and I've been fishing over 50 years.

Using a few techniques, I've caught 75-100 crappie between daylight and 8:30am, but when I used two of the "crappie attraction" methods I pulled in 462 crappie in 7 1/2 hours of fishing, with my old buddy Whit!

I know it sounds unbelievable, but I'd swear on my mothers grave it's true.

There's still a lot more for me to try out because the information comes from 12 different guys... not just 1.

Thanks Dan!

Satch Molsbee
Lumberton, Mississippi

Satch with 96 crappie he caught
in 2 and a half hours using
3 techiques in the course!

And towards the end of the phone calls, something unexpected happened…

Half Of Them Refused To Take My Money!

As it turns out, they didn’t spill their guts because of the money. They just wanted to pass on their legacy to someone they trust. When you get old, you understand you won’t be around forever. And…

If you take your secrets to the grave, they’ll be lost…

This was a chance for these old school crappie fishermen to leave a legacy. To let someone they trust record their fishing secrets, their stories, their words of wisdom.

They know they’ll never be forgotten now.

Imagine The Crappie You’d Catch If You Got Ahold Of
These Old School Secrets…

…and imagine the confidence that comes with knowing you’ll catch crappie instead of just hoping (like most fishermen do).

Your success will frustrate other people you fish with at first. They’ll wonder how the heck you’re catching so many, so fast.

But that frustration will turn into a deep respect for your ability to pull up more crappie than any other fisherman on the water… and do it almost every time!

"I Thought It Was A Catfish At First, Until I Felt
That Familiar Crappie Pull..."

(Click play to hear how many crappie Terry caught
with these old school methods - 54 seconds)


I'm having huge success catching crappie with the methods in your package.

I know these guys are giving up their best secrets because I've really increased my catch since I started using them.

In fact, with the Dale Mitchell and Randy Musgrove manuals, a buddy and I caught 5 limits of crappie in just 2 evenings.

Then, when I was fishing alone, I caught a 3 1/2 pound crappie (my personal best) by using one of the methods in the manuals for targeting the bigger crappie in a spot. When I hooked him, I thought it was a catfish at first, until I felt that familiar "crappie pull". I brought him to the boat and used a net. I couldn't wait to get home so I could start bragging!

Not only are their methods unique and effective, but the entire course is first class all the way - including the packaging. I'm very impressed.

Terry Hickman
Pulaski, Tennessee

Terry with a pile of crappie he caught using
secrets in the course. The 3 1/2 pounder is
in his right hand!

Just think about the thrill of crappie slamming your bait almost the instant it hits the water, and…

Picture The Looks On Your Buddies’ Faces When You Catch More Crappie Then All Of Them… Combined!

They’ll be scratching their heads wondering how you caught so many, if you put the perfect old school secrets to work.

Catching crappie will be easy for you.

You’ll know exactly where to go, what to do, and what bait to use in every situation… in any body of water. (even if you’ve never fished there before!)

"...I Caught Double My Limit Of Crappie!"

(Click play" to hear her phone message - 58 seconds)


I'm just a beginner, but your course is taking me to another level, and it's saving me time because I don't have to experiment with things that don't work.

These fishermen are so experienced, and they've come up with hundreds of great methods - and they've shown me how to perfect them.

It's been hard for me to catch anything this fall, until I got your information. I used one of James Ketchum's jigging techniques (and I corrected a big mistake I was making that Doug Dials talks about)... and I caught double my limit of crappie! (The limit is 20... and I caught exactly 40, and had to throw 20 back)

I absolutely love the course, and I love listening to the guys talk through their secrets. I can almost picture the spots they fish, and all of their techniques
are so easy to do when I follow the manuals.

Thank you again!

Nadine Wallen
Mendota Heights, Minnisota

Nadine moments after catching one
of her 40 crappie while using one
of James Ketchum's techniques!

Imagine how it will feel when you are the “fisherman to beat”… everyone watching you like a hawk.

Then… BANG, BANG, BANG! They’ll sit in stunned silence while you hook up with crappie after crappie. But the fun doesn’t stop there…

You’ll Discover Monster Crappie Tactics For
Catching The Biggest In Your Spot!

You can feel the thrill of hauling in huge crappies more often than ever. That’s because some of these secrets focus on attracting and targeting the biggest crappie in your spot... almost automatically.

Ever dreamed of breaking the local crappie record? The “Monster Crappie” techniques (listed below) will make it possible by drastically increasing the size of crappie you catch.

"...I Was Able To Catch A 4-POUND CRAPPIE!"

(Click "play" to hear Brian's message - 27 seconds)

Hey Dan!

I am so impressed with the "superstar" lineup of crappie fishermen you've put together!

Using a combination of their methods detailed in the course, I was able to catch a 4 POUND CRAPPIE!

I've only been crappie fishing a short time, and I consider myself a rookie. If I can catch a crappie of this size with the information, I'm convinced almost anyone can.

Thanks for putting together such an impressive collection.

Brian Long
Vacaville, California

Oh what a feeling! Brian caught this 4 pound crappie using a combination of old school secrets
from the course...

Now, brace yourself for the most amazing “step-by-step” collection of old school crappie fishing secrets on the planet.

Old School Crappie Fisherman #1: Carlton Byrum

Ever fish in a spot they say is “fished out”? It’s possible the crappies are gone, but highly unlikely. If they were in the spot before, there is a strong chance their offspring are there now. You just have to try different tactics because conditions (and new generations of crappie) change over time…

Carlton will show you the exact techniques he uses to catch crappie in the most difficult locations. If there are any crappies in the water at all, you’ll be getting all the action you can handle.

Carlton knows exactly what he’s talking about. He’s been fisherman of the year in Ft. Lauderdale Florida 2 times in a row, and now he’s going to reveal all his secrets to you.

It wasn’t easy to get him to talk about his best stuff…but once I got him talking, boy did he spill his guts! You’ll discover:

An amazing jig, combined with a special “flip, swing, pop” technique, that suckers the biggest crappie to bite almost instantly (especially around lily pads) (This secret works so well Carlton BEGGED his best friend to tell him by calling repeatedly at 1am!)
A sneaky trick that forces thousands of bugs into the water, attracting hundreds of minnows (and crappie) to your spot
How to use your BOBBER to create the perfect “noise” that attracts crappie like wild! (This powerful technique works best if you aren’t getting any bites – for almost immediate strikes!)
How to create your own private crappie fishing hotspot only YOU know the location of! (It lasts for weeks, in any body of water)
How to “divert” crappie to your bait, and away from everyone else’s (Hint: it has to do with your distance from the shore, and is so simple you can master it in minutes!)
How to catch “easy crappie” around bottom structure by using heavy line and an old school white jig
How to jig chicken feathers one inch ABOVE THE WATER for “arm-breaking” flying crappie attacks! (Wait ‘till your buddies see this…)
How to identify land mass that points to where “reserve” crappie are hiding – when all else fails! (Keep this secret from your buddies, and only take advantage of this when you are alone!)
A genius method of using an ANCHOR ROPE to put crappie in ambush mode… and how to “serve” your bait to them on a silver platter for instant attack strikes! (Carlton was laughed at when he told another group about this… but 2 hours later they had caught only 10 crappie…and Carlton had 47!)

The secret “rapid fire” technique that can catch dozens of fanning crappie in under 45 minutes. (This one exploits a crappies’ defense mechanism)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 44 seconds)

How to catch a hundred crappie in a single day by creating “super maggots”! (Carlton found out about this amazing secret from a wandering stranger at a gas station…)

(Cick the play button to hear part of it - 1 minute 11 seconds)
How to catch up to 20 bass on the way back to the dock after a day of crappie fishing! (This works best if you are in a boat, close to the bank)

How to catch crappie at night using an “invisible” (and FREE) rod and reel! (Carlton pissed off some pro’s with this by out-catching them 100 to 16… and they were using the most expensive crappie rigs money can buy!)

(Cick the play button to hear part of it - 23 seconds)
And a lot more!

Old School Crappie Fisherman #2: Bill “Pee Wee” Reese

This old guy has been fishing since age 4 (he’s 69 now). He’s fished all over the world, from the Mississippi River to Japan and back again.

In fact, he was a commercial fisherman on the Mississippi River before graduating high school… And when he was 64, he blazed through western North America catching everything that moves. (over 2500 miles of fishing action!)

FACT: “Pee Wee” catches an average of 3 crappie every 10 minutes he’s fishing!

(Click the play button to hear him talk about the "90-10" rule - 36 seconds)

...and you'll see how he does it with tricks up his sleeve, like:

How to “steer” your minnow into the mouths of hungry crappie by using 6 different methods of hooking a minnow… (and you’ll find out exactly when to use each one!)
How to guarantee you hook crappie in the upper or lower jaw, and NEVER in the paper thin part of the mouth (most casual crappie fishermen get this wrong and lose a lot of crappie. Once you apply this 2 second fix, you’ll lose a lot less…)

How “Pee Wee” embarrassed 3 professional crappie guides after they challenged him to a fishing contest! (After 2 hours on Roosevelt lake, Pee Wee had 35 Crappie... the closest pro had just 7. He’ll tell you step-by-step how he did it – and how you can too.)

(Click the play button to hear him talk about it - 1 minute 8 seconds)
A big “sign” mother nature puts right in front of your nose, showing you EXACTLY where the biggest swarms of crappie are waiting to feed! (Very few fishermen ever notice this dead giveaway)
A secret method of hook tying that makes ANY bait you use twice as attractive to crappie! (Old timers have been using this sneaky trick to stump other fishermen for years. You’ll catch more crappie than the guy next to you – even when using the exact same bait!)
How to avoid the spawn fishing mistake most guys make that causes 50% of bites to be missed (Hint: a lightweight item found in every home will allow you to detect crappie upstrikes most people miss!)
The “tight snap” hook setting secret that makes it virtually impossible for crappie to spit your bait out (Once they bite, they’ll be hooked until you bring them in!)
The big night crappie fishing myth! (It works for catching bass, but never crappie. If you are using this technique for crappie fishing, you've been lied to like everyone else)
How to find the “secret spawn” that will double your catches of crappie in a single year! (It takes place during two weeks every year, and almost nobody knows. Now, you can pull up loads of crappie during this time while everyone else is at home mowing the lawn!)

How to find an enormous school of crappie by identifying the “inverted Christmas tree” under any body of water (You’ll also find out how to milk it for tons of catches until it disappears in just a few minutes!)

A simple method of “programming” your fishing rig to target the exact depth crappie are schooling! (This simple tactic will allow you to find and target the sweet spot again, and again, and again…with the same rod you’ve always used)

A simple rod movement that will provoke a school of crappie to SLAM your bait! (This secret takes advantage of a pre-programmed instinct in every crappies brain)

A little-known crappie jig to use in water you’ve never fished before (You’ll catch fish all day long, and everyone will think you’ve been fishing there your entire life!)

(Click the play button to hear him talk about it - 37 seconds)
What to do when you see a MOUNTAIN LION 20 feet away from you! (It happened to “Pee Wee” when he was fishing from shore… you’ll hear the whole story)
How to tight line for crappie (and how to shoulder hook minnows for the best presentation…and a ton of catches)
How to use an old school fishing mentality to squeeze maximum enjoyment out of every fishing trip (Bill’s simple philosophy will make everyone beg to go fishing with you, because it’s so much fun!)
How “Pee Wee” caught an EIGHT FOOT long fish with a 5 pound trout as BAIT! (The thing was 375 pounds!)
And much, much more!

Old School Crappie Fisherman #3: Jerry Bevis

Jerry Bevis is the king of tricky tactics that bring consistent crappie strikes to the end of his line. He got these from his grandfather, and he reveals everything including:

How to re-bait and get your line back in the water quicker than anyone with a simple technique called “machine gun casting”! (Obviously, the more your bait is in the water, the more crappie you’ll catch)
A special way of rigging a minnow so it attracts crappie like flies on fresh cow dung (It makes your minnow look more vulnerable so crappie will IGNORE almost everyone else’s!)
How to use a special PORCUPINE bobber so crappie will attack your bait like bats out of hell! (You’ll also discover why other bobbers can ruin an entire day of crappie fishing)
How to stop breaking your line – even in the worst snag situations you can imagine (Why lose gear, and waste money, when you can easily rig your tackle to pull through anything?)
How to increase the precision and length of your casts (It’s called a “float setup”, and you’ll be slinging deadly accurate casts without messing up your rigging!)
The tru-turn hook secret that makes ANY bait more attractive to crappie (You’ll notice an immediate difference in the number and size of crappie you catch!)
A sneaky trick for building crappie houses brimming with swarms of crappie! (You’ll also find out how to keep the location of these “houses” hidden from everyone else)
How to find the perfect crappie catching depth faster (and more reliably) than any fish finder
The “disgusting” method of using rotting flesh to create an instant crappie feeding frenzy (Jerry and his buddies SWEAR they’ve never seen anything bring more crappie)

The winter crappie fishing secret for coaxing strikes out of sluggish crappie (When you combine this secret with fishing “slower”, look out!)

The secret “bank lure” bass can’t resist (It will work in any water where bass live, and also catches crappie if you use a smaller version)

And more!

Old School Crappie Fisherman #4:
Randy “Mr. Danger” Musgrove

When he’s not cheating death (you’ll hear how he went full throttle over a boat landing during a freak storm), Randy uses a bunch of sneaky tricks (including “bait doctoring” secrets and “crappie spy” tactics) to pinpoint the largest groups of crappie. Then he uses a brilliant method to track the school… and catch all them!

He’ll show you all his “crappie espionage” methods so you stay right on top of the crappie, coax them to your bait, and get them to attackeven when fishing a spot for the first time!

“Mr. Danger” reveals:

3 overlooked “super baits” that blow minnows away! (They only work in certain situations, and you’ll discover exactly when to unleash them)
How to use the scientific principle behind surfboards to keep your bait at the perfect depth while trolling
How to create a “crappie spy” so you can find (and follow) any school of crappie… and catch ALL OF THEM within 2 hours! (This is the single most powerful tactic I have ever heard of – and it’s the easiest way to catch over one hundred in a single day)
A shrimp-like bait that can get more strikes than minnows (Catch them for free using these 3 easy steps… they are perfect to use if crappie aren’t biting minnows)
How to doctor up any bait (or jig) so it creates a crappie blood lust. It causes crappie to lock on to your bait and HAMMER IT… even if you are fishing next to an expert! (This unique biological trick is so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first)
How to find out which of the 3 feeding modes crappie are in - so you fish the perfect bait, in the perfect depth, in the perfect location!
The “barnstorming secret” to use in locations you’ve never fished before (Find out exactly where crappie are, and what will make them bite… in just a few minutes!)
How to record your catches and gain a huge advantage over 90% of the fishermen out there! (You only need a pen, paper, and 5 minutes to “mark and review”)
A big mistake amateurs make to ruin hotspots by conditioning crappie to avoid their baits (Now you'll know how to keep your bait enticing to crappie all day... and fire up the bite when it slows down!)

The two most effective methods of catching crappie in crystal clear water (Hint: crappie can see you on the surface when the water is clear. You’ll discover how to become completely “invisible” to crappie in these situations... and nail 'em!)

How to use a piece of thread and a safety pin to keep kids busy catching your bait for you! (The kids will love you for showing them this…and they’ll give you an endless supply of FREE MINNOWS!)

The big mistake Randy made (as a novice) to lose a world record crappie! (Can you imagine getting a record crappie 3 feet from you, and watch it escape? You’ll find out how to avoid this common mistake so it won’t happen to you)
...and more bait doctoring secrets!

Old School Crappie Fisherman #5:
Shayne “The Poor Boy Fishing Fanatic” Simmons

Shayne laughs when he sees “high tech” fishermen using expensive gear… especially when they can’t catch anything. He knows he can take his old beat up fishing rod and out catch these guys any day of the week.

(Click the play button to hear Shayne tell you - 29 seconds)

You see, spending a small fortune on fishing equipment won’t do you a lick of good if you don’t know how a crappie thinks.

Shayne figured that out on his own… a long time ago.

And after years of trial and error, he finally discovered tactics that have him catching crappie with the best of ‘em.

If only he’d known these secrets when he first started, he could have saved a lot of frustration. He would’ve given anything for a shortcut.

(Click the play button to hear Shayne talk about it - 36 seconds)

Now Shayne’s going to give you the “shortcuts” he never had. He’s going to tell you everything… so you can catch crappie efficiently (and save money while you do it). So you won’t have to spend hundreds of hours figuring it all out on your own.

You’ll discover:

How Shayne accidentally caught a huge crappie… using a common bass lure! (Nobody thinks to try this, but it works so well Shayne still uses it)
How to avoid wasting money on minnows that don’t have a snowballs chance in hell to get bit! (Hint: the size of your minnow can make all the difference between a boring day fishing and a crappie catching frenzy)
A specific fishing line “tint” that turns suspicious crappie into ravenous animals that slaughter your bait with reckless abandon! (This solves the #1 problem preventing some beginners from getting a single bite)
How to setup a super-sensing leader no matter what type of line you use (This simple setup acts as an “extended arm” in the water so you’ll feel even the slightest nibble!)
How to make one fishing pole do the work of two… so you can double your catches in any spot, in any area of the country! (Hint: a double rigging won’t even get close to these results)
The 4 inches that makes all the difference when fishing crappie in the winter
The “swivel turn” rig secret that will help you catch a hooked crappie in half the time! (The quicker you bring 'em in, the less chance they'll get away... and this sneaky rigging exhausts crappie every time they change direction - so you can bring them in fast!)
Why most beginners lose big crappie to broken lines (You’ll discover a 2-second trick to avoid breaking your line while hauling in a big one!)
A secret for “covering the spread” with your leader line to coax the laziest crappie to bite! (This works best in cold water)

How even the smallest breeze will tell you exactly where crappie are gathering for an attack!

A certain jig twitch pattern that ONLY works during cold winter months (These easy steps will drive schools of sluggish winter crappie into a frenzy...for instant bites!)

An easy way to turn “uninterested” kids into fishing fanatics (Once you show them this technique, they’ll be able to catch crappie consistently… by themselves!)
And more short-cut ways of catching crappie!

Old School Crappie Fisherman #6: Steve “Gar Bait” Farmer

Years ago, Steve overheard 2 fishermen talking about unique tactics for using “scent” to drive crappie crazy. When he tried their techniques to exploit a crappie's sense of smell, he was amazed by how many he caught.

So he began experimenting with different scents. And he took it to a whole new level when he discovered his secret “crappie catnip”… and it drives them absolutely wild!

The first time he used it he: caught his limit, hauled in his biggest crappie ever, and had an enormous gar jump into his boat! (it was going after the crappie catnip too, and almost bit off his kneecap!) The amazing part: this all happened within 20 minutes, before his buddies even got to the lake!

(Click the play button to hear Steve talk about the crazy Gar - 50 seconds)

(Click the play button to hear how Steve caught his limit before his buddies arrived - 39 seconds)

Now he’s going to give you his crappie catnip secret, and much more including:

How to determine the “traveling path” of crappie so you can intercept the school between 2 popular fishing spots! (This way you can catch a bunch before they get to the waiting crowd of fishermen)
A secret for “freezing” your bait when it enters the exact depth crappie are suspended in! (This works best if you use a longer rod)
How to fish straight-tailed and curly-tailed jigs to maximize crappie catches (There’s a different technique for each of these… and most guys don’t fish either of them right)
How to accurately predict where crappie will move throughout the day and night, so you are always on top of them (This one exposes the inner workings of a crappie’s brain!)
How to use a pill bottle and a common household item to make “catnip for crappie”… and doctor your baits with it! (Steve got the base formula from an old guy who used it to catch 78 crappie compared to Steve’s 26! Steve has since perfected his homemade “crappie catnip” formula…)
A little-known secret for catching crappie in shallow water… in the winter! (While everyone is fishing deep in cold weather, you’ll be catching your limit in these hidden hot spots)
A special herb to tip your hook with that surrounds minnows with an irresistible smell, attracting hundreds of crappie! (I’ve actually seen crappie ignore regular minnows, to attack a minnow with the “smell”)
How to avoid an amateur mistake that instantly reveals your best crappie hotspots (There’s nothing worse than finding a gold mine, only to have everyone move in and catch YOUR fish!)
…and more!

Old School Crappie Fisherman #7: Dale Mitchell

45 years ago, Dale was out bass fishing when an old fisherman called “Catfish Charlie” turned him on to crappie fishing… for good. Charlie convinced Dale to fish along the weed beds with a specially made jig. He showed Dale exactly how to move the jig, and… WHAM! Dale caught his first crappie almost instantly.

Then he caught another... and another… and another…

Dale has tested Charlie’s technique in almost every major crappie state in the country. And it catches crappie like crazy… in all of them! (Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Illinois, Alabama, California, and a few others.)

(Click the play button to hear Dale talk about Catfish Charlie - 1 minute 32 seconds)

To top it off, Dale’s father (a master crappie fishermen) showed Dale everything he learned in a lifetime of fishing.

His dad could catch his limit in an hour, while everyone stood around wondering how the hell he did it.

(Click the play button to hear Dale say it - 49 seconds)

Now Dale is going to pass all this knowledge to you, so you can pull up hundreds of crappie in a weekend. (Just like he does)

You’ll discover:

An easy secret for catching crappie with flies (It will blow your friends away when they see crappies go “airborne” to grab your fly!)
A huge mistake most fishermen make when using night crawlers to catch crappie (This oversight can turn crappie off for the rest of the day, if you don’t know how to avoid it!)
How to fill your bucket with 2-3 pound crappie using Catfish Charlie’s “instant hookup” jig secret
How to use a commonly found Swedish jig through the ICE for instant crappie hits
How to catch more crappie than almost anyone by using special live bait nobody ever thinks to use (They are FREE and you’ll only find them AFTER a rain storm… and NO, they aren’t snails or worms)
The elastic and invisible “super line” that won’t break your pocket book (You’d be shocked how many bites you are missing right now if you aren’t using this line. Crappie have no chance at ever seeing it, no matter what line weight you use!)
How to make your jigs irresistible to crappie in clear water (WARNING: do NOT do this in cloudy water, or you won’t get a single bite)
How to use a crappies’ short term memory against it (This easy strategy will get the bite going again after a lull in the action)
The pure white jig that outperforms every other by almost double… but only during a certain 3 weeks of the year!
A secret for catching crappie on the hottest days of summer (This technique may scare the hell out of you, but it will create prime crappie “bite zones” on even the hottest days!)
Why your bobber can prevent you from catching the biggest crappie in your body of water… and how to avoid this rookie mistake
How to find “the bubble” to instantly identify spawning crappie beds
(…and fishing over crappie beds is some of the easiest fishing you’ll ever do)
The “Grandpa Moses” technique for instant hookups of crappie, bass, and pickerel… in weed beds (This trick stimulates these species’ natural ambush instinct, so they attack!)
A hook you must avoid like the plague when doing any type of fishing (if you use them, stop immediately… you’ll increase your catches by almost 50%!)
The big mistake most guys make when fishing crappie holes (If you avoid this common blunder, you’ll catch tons of crappie in these hot spots… while everyone else ignores them!)
And many more old school secrets!

Old School Crappie Fisherman #8:
Tommy “Crappie Seed” Cornelius

If you get tired of wasting time looking for crappie, Tommy has dozens of old secrets that will bring them to you… quickly and easily.

For 25 years he’s been experimenting… and he’s discovered unique (and legal) methods of baiting holes, underwater structures, docks, boats… even baiting the “water”! His methods can draw schools of crappie to almost any spot, and keep them there. (While he catches them)

Since he figured all this out, he almost never comes home without his limit.

And when you use his secrets (to draw swarms of crappie to you), you’ll come home with a huge stringer almost every time.

Tommy reveals:

The only plant that creates a “30-day crappie feeding zone” when you drop it to the bottom of any spot! (You’ll also find out which species of plants are a complete waste of time)
A full body jig that drives crappie crazy by simulating a rare species of bait fish
How to create crappie “houses” only you know the locations of… in every season of the year (Crappie choose their hiding places differently depending on the season. Follow these simple steps to play right into their natural instincts)
Why your line weight should change dramatically depending on the temperature of the water (Seasonal “slow bites” are a myth created by beginners who use the wrong fishing line…use these easy guidelines to keep ‘em biting year round)
Why the hottest crappie catching jig in the United States was discontinued (It was called “The Million Dollar Mighty Mite”, and you’ll discover an easy way to make your own for pennies!)
A unique way to hook minnows for maximum “natural movement” crappies can’t resist
How to stay directly over a school of striking crappie and pull ‘em out until your arm breaks! (…without using a trolling motor and scaring them away)
How to target a crappie “cousin” when fishing with a beginner (They are a little smaller, but it’s so easy to catch a ton… fast)
A secret technique of “spring loading” your casts onto the bank so schools of crappie fight over your bait! (And how to “rig” the fight so the biggest crappie of the group ends up on your line)
A fishing hook to avoid if you “catch and release” (You’ll discover the perfect crappie hook that not only keeps them alive, but increases your odds of bringing them in)
How to “bait” boat docks! (If you do this right you’ll catch crappie all day long – and beat the pants off the guys in boats)
The “burlap bag” secret that can create an instant swarming crappie hot spot! (This one is responsible for Tommy catching over 100 in just a few hours)
...and more crappie drawing discoveries!

…And That’s Just The Beginning Of
What’s In Store For You…

These crappie fishing masters covered a ton of secrets for squeezing maximum catches out of your next trip… but there are 4 more areas that are critical for making you the best crappie fisherman possible.

Luckily, I’ve got them covered for you.

You see, while the Old School Crappie Fishing Secrets course was being created – I was also working on 2 other crappie fishing courses, and 2 special crappie fishing reports. And they are ALL complete!

As part of this Introductory Special, I’ve decided to (temporarily) give all 4 of these products away for FREE when you sign up for the Old School Crappie Fishing Secrets Course –- until midnight this Sunday, .

Here’s what I’m throwing in with the main course:

FREE BONUS GIFT #1: Advanced “Old School” Crappie Jigging Secrets Course ($79 Value)

Most fishermen use live bait to catch crappie… but this bonus course contains a treasure chest full of old school jigging secrets that blow live bait out of the water.

Doug and James are ready to show you everything -- so you catch dozens of crappie quickly... and more consistently than ever.

Just follow their simple steps to stimulate a crappie’s instinct to attack -- by using special movement patterns, “scenting”, and “coloring” methods.

Plus, the techniques will keep your line in the water 75% more than guys using live bait. (…and the more your line is in the water, the more you’ll catch!)

Here’s what you’ll discover:

James Ketchum: Old School “Rigging And Jigging” Secrets

James is the “mad scientist” of crappie fishing. He hung around old school experts when he was a kid… and he’s taken their rapid-fire jigging secrets to a new level by discovering his own unique twists.

You’ll find out about rare jigs that work like gangbusters… along with techniques to spur crappie into instant action. And much more, like…

The 3 rotation jigs old school crappie guys use… when used as a “team” they are irresistible to crappie (ever see guys with hundreds of different jigs in their box? You only need these 3…)
The “go to” color combinations crappie love more than any others (Yes, one color combo includes chartreuse – but the others will surprise you!)
A scientifically tested “double threat” rigging secret that forces your minnow to do a wounded dance (This stimulates larger crappie to bite… even on slow days!) (…it also increases your chances of keeping crappie on the hook)
How to create a simple “no resistance” minnow rig (This makes it impossible for crappie to sense that your minnow is on a hook, which will increase crappie strikes)
How to use a special scent with “dip” movements to engage a crappie’s hunting instinct... practically forcing them to take your bait instantly!
How to use the wind to find crappie feeding frenzies with pinpoint accuracy
How to jig a dead minnow to catch more crappie than anyone else on the water! (This only works in some situations, and only if you use James’ special movement patterns)
A secret for using water currents to find crappie ambush spots… and give them exactly what they’re waiting for!
How to take advantage of a crappies’ laziness to lull it into biting (It’s no secret that crappies love an easy meal… and James will show you how to trick them into biting almost every time!)
How to double your chances of hooking crappie when reeling in (This trick works so well for James, he catches over half his crappie this way)
How to create the “illusion” of baby minnows schooling around your jig (Whip this secret out when your jigs aren’t working. Crappie will usually hit it immediately!)
How to identify “dud” minnows that don’t have a chance of getting bit (sometimes “duds” are the only reason some fishermen can’t catch a thing… now, you’ll only use minnows with maximum catching power)
The “spinning minnows” technique for catching loads of crappie in clear bottom areas (If you fish in clear water you’d be crazy not to use this instinct-stirring presentation)
A special spider rig that automatically jigs, and sets the hook for you (If you ever feel lazy, use this to catch crappie on autopilot!)
How to shotgun for crappie (This little-known secret uses the motion of the water to serve multiple mouth-watering presentations at the same time!)
And more techniques!

Doug “Mr. Jig” Dials: Instant “Crappie Strike” Stimulation

Doug is an old master at jigging for crappie. After years of research and experimentation, he’s discovered how to use jigs like magic. He reveals:

A trick for using special jigs in murky water to gain a huge advantage (WARNING: some jigs won’t get ANY bites in cloudy water… but you’ll discover the secrets of murky water jig selection, for a dramatic increase in catches!)
A secret ingredient to put in your bait water that instantly transforms minnows into little crappie magnets! (In our tests, these spiced up minnows out-pull regular minnows by 3 to 1)
How to tie a special loop knot that makes any jig more attractive to crappie
3 old school rules for avoiding huge areas of water that hold no crappie (You’ll eliminate frustrating fishing trips, and only target areas where the crappie action is hot!)
3 clear water jig selections that outperform almost everything else (No need to waste your time testing jigs that don’t work – Doug has figured it out for you)
The “long pole” technique of finding crappie holes (Just let your bait sink to the bottom… move it from “back to front”… then hold on tight!)
A secret reeling technique that stimulates instant bites if crappie aren’t hitting your jigs (It gives your jigs unique movements that drive crappie wild!)
How to prevent kids getting bored when fishing (Follow Doug’s advice to have kids talking about the fun they had with you… for weeks!)
A common creature that will point you to swarms of minnows and other baitfish (This “fishing expert” lives by every body of water, and most people never even notice…)
How to avoid crowds, and catch hundreds of crappie in the summer… with very little effort (Only the best crappie fishermen know about this, and the results will blow you away!)
And more jigging secrets!

FREE BONUS GIFT #2: The Quick ‘N Easy Old School Crappie Fishing Fundamentals Course ($79 Value)

Greg and Alan will show you how to out-catch anyone that uses “standard” methods of fishing on your very next trip.

Their “building block” strategies are so easy that even a raw beginner can start using them (with success) in less than an hour.

You see, these aren’t your “run of the mill” crappie fishing fundamentals. These guys really think outside the box, and they’re giving you a set of basic (and unique) strategies you can use to catch more crappie with ease.

Here’s what they are going to show you:

Alan Irving: “Lazy Crappie Catching Secrets”

Alan doesn’t want to think too hard when catching crappie. That’s why he designed powerful “twists” to the crappie fishing basics. These techniques were carefully planned to get maximum catches… for minimal effort.

Plus, they’re all easy to do.

Just follow his methods step-by-step:

The “spinner” crappie can’t resist, and where you can get them for pennies! (These will get crappie to bite when all else fails)
FACT: Natural minnows catch more crappie than bait shop minnows. Alan’s 3 simple steps will show you how to catch 50 to 100 natural minnows in just a few minutes… for FREE!
How to find “pre-baited” water with hundreds of schooling crappie (If you know what to look for, you’ll find hidden spots Mother Nature has baited with crappie food)
How to take advantage of a crappies’ instinct to sneak attack at night, so your hook pierces through the toughest part of its mouth (No more lost crappie due to ripped lips!)
The Christmas tree crappie catching secret that is banned in some states! (WARNING: before unleashing this wickedly powerful technique, check with your local laws)
Alan’s 5-second hook fix that eliminates a common problem… giving you a drastic increase in number of crappie caught
A crappie attracting substance every jig should have on it… every time it goes in the water (If your jigs aren’t getting bites, slap this stuff on to get blasted by the biggest crappie on your next fishing trip!)
How to use special beads (in place of fishing knots) for maximum line strength, and no more missed catches (FACT: tying knots in your line weakens it, increasing the odds of breakage when bringing in large crappie)
A simple jigging technique (for beginners) that will catch more crappie than live bait…consistently!
How to fish in crappie infested “heavy cover” so your line rarely snags (Use this trick to avoid cutting your line in prime fishing spots… so you spend more time catching!)
A deep water “drop ‘n pop” technique for easy back door catches… when everyone swears a spot is fished out
How to make any jig more attractive to crappie by tying a special “plastic” above it
A boat dock fishing technique that practically forces crappie to attack your bait! (If you have boat docks in your area, you’d be crazy not to use this)
How Alan’s wife used these secrets to humiliate four of his friends at the same time! (She caught her limit, and all 4 of them got shut out)
Alan’s million dollar crappie fishing technique (I finally got him to give up his #1 secret that has NEVER failed him!)
And more lazy fishing secrets!

Greg White: Crappie Fishing “Great Equalizers”

Most guys aren’t aware of the subtle tricks the best crappie fishermen use.

But, Greg is going to show you the little things that make all the difference… so you can gain multiple advantages over most crappie fishermen.

They won’t have a clue how you’re pulling in more crappie than they are… and it’ll be up to you whether you tell them or not!

You’ll find out:

An almost “guaranteed” way to get quick crappie strikes in murky water (…and bright colors are only half of it!)
The live bait species that stimulates constant curiosity bites, in most bodies of water (Greg has proven these can beat minnows… HINT: You can find them anywhere – and most people use them to catch catfish!)
How to “pie cast” on slow days so you never get shut out… even if everyone else goes home without a single bite
How to find out when a crappies’ “dinner bell” rings so you only fish when they destroy your bait! (Every body of water is different… but by following this simple rule - you’ll never waste your time fishing during crappie down time)
How your overall crappie fishing strategy should change in the summer for maximum results
The weather condition that consistently produces more crappie strikes than any other…and it is NOT after a rain!
How to hold your rod for an instant increase in the crappie you’ll catch per outing (It’s a very subtle change… but this alone will make you a better fisherman)
How to gain the advantage over boat fishermen if you are fishing from the shore (BEWARE: This one might piss them off!)
And more “great equalizers”...

FREE BONUS GIFT #3: “Do You Make These Common Crappie Fishing Mistakes?” ($29 Value)

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve spent hours preparing your tackle box and equipment... you’ve spent money on bait (and gas) to go fishing… you feel the anticipation of the fight with a monster crappie…

You drop your line in, and nothing. You go to the next spot… nothing.

You become frustrated and disappointed. The goal is to catch fish, not sit there waiting to get a bite – for hours! So you finally give up and go home - dejected.

The truth is, you probably made key mistakes most casual crappie fishermen make every day. These common blunders prevent crappie from biting –- without you knowing why.

In this special “easy reading” report, the old timers reveal these major crappie fishing mistakes – and tell you exactly how to avoid them. So, instead of boredom and frustration – you’ll feel the thrill that comes with constant crappie fightin’ action!

Just some of what you’ll discover:

A common fishing "belief" that is true for every type of fishing… except crappie fishing (Beginners are continually given this bad advice which leads to boredom, frustration, and not a single bite...)
5 simple hook preparation steps that eliminate most crappie escapes (95% of anglers let crappie "off the hook" by not doing this before casting out)
An easy way to reveal hidden crappie hotspots in less than 5 minutes! (This one will pay off every time you fish your body of water… for the rest of your life)
A huge trolling blunder that actually repels crappie from your lures (Avoid this mistake to enjoy an immediate increase in multiple crappie hookups every time you drift over a hotspot!)
Why crossing the invisible "10 foot barrier" will ruin a crappie feeding frenzy (Most boat fishermen violate this "golden rule" and scare off ravenous crappie!)
Common fishing equipment misconceptions that may prevent you from catching the big ones... and how to fine tune your tackle so it's more enticing to crappie
How to instantly multiply the effectiveness of any successful crappie fishing technique (If you’ve found something that works… adding this little gem to your rig can blow your catches through the roof!)
Why misusing a basic feature of modern fishing reels can send you home empty handed! (If you've ever come home with few catches, this is probably a big reason why...)
The simple "SDC" formula beginners must know before they'll get consistent bites with jigs (Use this and your jigs will tap into a crappies feeding instinct -- instigating more bites)
And much, much more!

FREE BONUS GIFT #4: “Cutting Through The Crap” Crappie Fishing Equipment Report! ($49 Value, Lifetime Updates!)

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with the amount of fishing equipment available, get ready to “cut through the crap”! This special report lists only the proven equipment you need to catch crappie… and nothing more.

You can trust the information because it comes from old fishermen who’ve experimented with almost everything. (They know what works... and what doesn't
-- because they've been at it a long time)

Follow their advice to arm yourself with the perfect equipment for your situation. You’ll only spend money on things that help you catch crappie… so you’ll never waste money on useless crap. (And you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure it out on your own)

You’ll also receive FREE LIFETIME UPDATES of this report as new equipment comes on the market… but only after each one is tested, and proven to increase your catches.

FREE BONUS GIFT #5: Free Shipping! ($15 Value)
(For “full” and “3 payment” plans only…)

Imagine How Many Crappie You’ll Catch (Consistently)
By COMBINING The Secrets In This Package

Your biggest advantage will come from using one fisherman’s tactics in combination with another guys’.

You see, each of these fishermen has a different set of old school secrets that work… and you aren’t limited to information from just one guy. Instead, you’ll tap into the collective “knowledge pool” of 12 old masters!

You’ll become one of the most knowledgeable, respected, and successful crappie fishermen in your area.

Just sit back, pour yourself a drink, and…

Let These Old Masters Fill Your Bag Of Tricks With
Easy-To-Follow (And Wildly Effective)
Old School Crappie Fishing Secrets

The course has been carefully designed so it’s simple to retain the information. You'll absorb everything in 3 ways:

1. You’ll listen to these old school fishermen reveal their secrets on the CD's. (These guys are crazy characters! You'll love it…)
2. You’ll read the transcripts of what they said on the CD’s.
3. You’ll follow simple step-by-step instructions (including crystal clear photos and illustrations) of every old school crappie fishing technique in the manuals.

I personally recommend you use a combination of all three. That way you won’t miss anything.

Plus, everything is easy to understand because these guys live to fish… and they know exactly how to explain things so anyone can “get it”. (and catch lots of crappie!)

It’ll be like cracking open a beer with these old school fishermen, as they guide you through their crappie catching techniques. And when you put their closely-guarded secrets to work –- you’ll be able to whip out the best tactic, at the perfect time, in any fishing situation… and nail ‘em!

"...We Both Caught Our Limit Of 50 Crappie (Each!)
In Just 3 Hours!"

(Click play to hear Shane's experience with just a few techniques -
1 minute 6 seconds)

Hey Dan,

The things I've seen in the course so far, are so good, I won't tell a soul other than my best buddy.

I've only had it for a few days, so I've only had a chance to use Carlton's jigging techniques... but it's changed everything.

It's been pretty slow, and I've had some unproductive crappie fishing trips, but as soon as I used some of Carlton's secrets, my buddy and I both caught our limits of 50 crappie (each!) in just 3 hours!

From what I've seen (and used) so far, some of these secrets are unbelievable! It's obvious they were discovered by hardcore fishermen... FOR hardcore fishermen.

I've already gotten a taste of how well this stuff works, and I can't wait to see the secrets the other 11 guys' use!

Shane Wilkinson
Muscoda, Wisconsin

Shane with some Crappie he caught using
Carlton's old school jigging secrets

“But, How Do I Know This Stuff Will Work Where I Fish?”

“A crappie is a crappie”… no matter where it lives. Yes, there are differences when fishing certain areas, but a crappies’ basic instincts are the same everywhere. (That’s why the best crappie fishermen “borrow” proven tactics from different areas of the country to use at home)

These old school secrets tap into those inner instincts to catch a ton… no matter where you fish. It doesn’t even matter if you own a boat…

You’ll Catch A Crap-Load Of Crappie From Boat Or Shore…

A crappies behavior doesn’t change depending on where you stand. (As long as you don’t scare them) It’s the techniques that make all the difference… not a $30,000 boat.

Now, some techniques in the course are targeted to either boat fishermen or shore fishermen…

But in either case, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that nobody in your area uses techniques even close to what you’re about to unleash... (you get my point )

Why These “Old School” Crappie Fishing
Secrets Can’t Be Found Anywhere But Here…

Listen, most of these old fishermen grew up catching crappie to survive –- in small “backwater” towns across the country. When they found a new technique for catching crappie, they didn’t tell a soul… because it wouldn’t work as well if everyone else started using it.

So they’ve closely-guarded their secrets for decades… until now.

You can forget about finding any of their stuff on the Internet. These guys don’t use computers unless their grandkids help. (It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks!)

But they know what the Internet is... and they were pretty paranoid their secrets would spread like wildfire (over the Internet) once the course was released. So, I had to calm their fears…

Here’s Why Their Secrets Are Safe With Me And You…

1. Most guys aren't serious fishermen and won't invest in the course. So the information won't be very widespread. Only guys that love catching crappie (and want to catch more) will get the course... and they'll all want to keep these secrets to themselves.
2. It’s a “physical” course with real CD’s and paper manuals… so it’s very difficult to duplicate and put on the Internet. (Plus, I’ve put special copy protection in place)
3. I promised that the course will only be offered to a small group of “insider” crappie fishermen.

You can’t really blame these guys for wanting to keep their secrets hidden from the fishing public. These old school techniques continue to give them a huge advantage over other fishermen –- and they don’t want to lose it.

Between you and me, the agreement (in writing) is that 250 courses will be produced. Once they’re gone, I’ll try to negotiate another deal with these guys so I can produce more… but there are no guarantees.

The only way to guarantee you get a package is to grab it now.

“Okay Dan, I Can’t Wait To Start
Slammin’ Crappie After Digging Into
These Old School Secrets…”

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"...We'd Only Been At It For 45 Minutes
And Already Had 13!"

(Click "play" to hear Gene tell it - 1 minute 47 seconds)

Hey Dan -

I'm so glad I got your course. Here's what happened after using one of the trolling secrets:

I took the wife out for a trip, and we trolled in and out of all the other boats. We caught A LOT of fish. An old guy came up to us complaining he'd been out there for 2 hours without a single catch. My wife mentioned we'd only been at it for 45 minutes and already had 13! The guy wasn't too happy.

The largest we caught was 15 3/4 inches, but I never found out how heavy it was. It's the biggest I've ever caught.

Before I started using the strategies in the course, I'd sometimes go home empty handed after spending hours out fishing. But now I go out there with a strategy. And I can quickly get a mess of crappie almost every time.

I would have gladly paid full day guide fees to each of these guys. But with your course, I don't have to - it's all there.

This is a great collection of old time crappie fishing information, and it's all very user friendly and easy to follow. Thanks Dan.

Gene Rumbel
Davison, Michigan

Here's Gene fishing while using one of the old school trolling and baiting secrets. I know it's the back of his
head, but look at the big 'ol crappie he's
about to pull up!

Here’s Exactly What You Get
Delivered Right To Your Front Door:

The Old School Crappie Fishing Family Secrets Course (includes 8 CD’s, 8 manuals, interview transcripts, and step-by-step instructions of every crappie fishing secret – including photo illustrations!) ($297 value)

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Bonus #1: The Advanced Old School Crappie Jigging Secrets Course (CD, manual, interview transcripts, step-by-step instructions) ($79 value)

Bonus #2: The Quick ‘N Easy Old School Crappie Fishing Fundamentals Course (CD, manual, interview transcripts, step-by-step instructions) ($79 value)

Bonus #3: Special Report #1: “Do You Make These Common Crappie Fishing Mistakes?” ($29 value)

Bonus #4: Special Report #2: “Cutting Through The Crap” Crappie Fishing Equipment Report ($49 value, with lifetime updates)

Bonus #5: FREE Shipping (only when choosing payment plan #1 or #2) ($15 value)

That's $548 of value when you add it all up.

"Sounds great Dan, how much will all this cost me today?"

Quick Story: This project took on a life of it’s own after I talked to the first old school fisherman. The secrets these guys revealed are far beyond anything I expected. This course is jam packed with unique old school crappie fishing secrets very few guys have ever seen.

There isn’t anything like it. My big problem is: how the heck do I put a price tag on something so unique?

Here’s what I decided to do.

I found 5 instructional bass fishing manuals. (I couldn’t find much on crappie fishing) Their average cost is $38. (…and they don’t even come with a CD, just a single illustrated manual)

Well, my Old School Crappie Fishing Course contains 8 manuals and 8 CD’s. If you multiply $38 (the average price of the bass fishing manuals) by 8, you get a price of around $300… I made it $297. (I won't even add in the 8 CD’s to this price… I’ll just throw them into the package for you anyway)

So that’s how I came up with the $297 price.

…and I’m knocking another $100 off as part of my Introductory Special going on until midnight this Sunday, . (I'm doing this because I want the offer to be irresistable right off the bat -- so it gets in the hands of as many crappie fishermen as possible. Then word of mouth will take over... until the 250 courses are gone)

When you grab your package before midnight on Sunday, you get everything (including the bonus gifts) for only $297 $197.

Listen: the average crappie fisherman goes fishing about 10 times per year. If you hired a crappie fishing guide each time, it would run you between $200 and $300 per day. That works out to $2000 -$3000 per year in guide fees. (Which is why you probably don't pay for a guide every time!)

But you'll be investing only $197 total for your Old School Crappie Fishing Secrets package. (This works out to just $19.70 on each of your next 10 fishing trips!) And you'll have the knowledge to catch crappie at will for the rest of your life...

In fact, you'll be catching more crappie than the guides when you put these amazing secrets to work.

Plus, you can easily save much more than $197 on useless equipment and bait over the next year by following the advice in the course. And just imagine how much you’ll save over the rest of your life…

"That's 120 Crappie Per Night, Not Counting The Ones We Threw Back!"

(Click play to hear what Clint has to say about it - 1 minute 9 seconds)

Hello Dan,

Me and the boys took off to Lake Martin armed with the crappie fishing secrets in your package. Every single one of us caught our limit every single night! There were 4 of us, and the limit in Alabama is 30 a person. That's 120 crappie per night, not counting the ones we threw back!

We focused on the depth finding techniques and a few of the crappie attraction tips. We really wore 'em out!

Next time, I'm going to test Carlton's anchor rope technique. I can't wait.

Dan, nothing is more frustrating than gearing up for a good fishing day, and 6 hours later you come in with nothing but a sun tan. There are so many techniques in the course, from so many old fishermen, I can't ever imagine feeling that frustration again.

I'm also going to save at least $20 on every trip because I've started to catch my own live minnows with the bait catching information. And the crappie definately prefer the natural live bait!

You seem like a good old country boy too, Dan. And your course is amazing.

Tight Lines,

Clint Mathis
Robertsdale, Alabama

Clint Mathis with his boat and gear

I could make a pretty solid argument that the money you’ll save will more than pay for the course – and I think I already have. This is a killer deal, but you've got to jump on it now...

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If $197 still makes you hesitate, I’ve come up with 3 easy payment plans to make it easy on you.

Here’s How To Get Your Old School Crappie
Fishing Secrets Package Today:

Step 1. Simply click one of the blue order links below for the payment option that is right for you.

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3 “Old School”, No Risk Payment Plans

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If you’re on a strict budget, or feel skeptical and want to check it out with the smallest outlay of cash, this option is for you. You’ll be billed $24.75 + $3.95 (shipping and handling) each month for 8 months. After each payment goes through, you’ll receive the next Old School Crappie Fishing Secrets audio CD, mini guide, bonus gifts, and transcripts. You can cancel at anytime…

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"Careful Crappie Fisherman" 8-Payment Plan

And to make sure you feel totally safe, I’m backing up this investment with an…

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Yes, you read this correctly. A 100% 1-Year Money Back Guarantee is almost unheard of these days, especially on the Internet. But the bottom line for me is: most fishermen are straight shooters. And I'm happy to give fishermen (like you) a full year to try it out.

Here are the details:

From the day the package arrives at your doorstep: you’ll have 365 days to use every old school secret in the course to unleash hell on the largest crappies in your fishing spot.

If you decide you don’t want to keep the course (you don’t even have to give me a reason), just send it back within the 365 days for a full and immediate refund.

I don’t care if the CD’s are scratched, or the manuals are bent… all you have to do is send it back to our receiving address at:

Old School Crappie Fishing Secrets
4610 Prime Parkway
McHenry, Illinois 60050

…and I’ll issue you a refund on the spot (including your shipping costs). I can credit your credit card, send you a money order, or whatever method you prefer.

I won’t ask any questions, and there’ll be no hoops to jump through. Just an immediate refund of every penny you paid. No B.S.

Look, a few people may take advantage of my generous guarantee. But I’m willing to take that risk so you feel comfortable trying out these old school secrets today. I just want you to know there’s an easy way to get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

"You Seem Honest, Trustworthy,
And You Tell It Like It Is - No Bull."

(Click "play" to hear what Ed said about me - 48 seconds)


After speaking with you on the phone, and exchanging emails with you, I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with you. I can tell you really care about your customers. You seem honest, trustworthy, and you tell it like it is - no bull. It's an honor doing business with you.

And I'm glad I did, because your course is very VERY good.

These fishermen talk about every aspect of catching crappie. Hook sizes, line weight, sinkers, bait, techniques, jigs, how to use jigs, and more. All of the bases are covered with their unique methods, and I've already caught my limit of crappie a few times since receiving the course.

Good job!

Ed Pranger
Grand Haven, Michigan

Ed with a bucket of crappie he hauled in with the advanced old school crappie jigging secrets!
(Bonus course #1)


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using our secure server

You'll Be Stunned How Easy It Is To Haul In Monster Crappie When Your Package Arrives – In Just A Few Days...

WARNING: if you decide to “think about it”, and return later to find this introductory offer has expired (and the price has gone up to $297)… or you find out all the courses are gone and it'll never be offered again –- you’ll always wonder what secrets these Old School crappie fishermen had to show you.

You’ll always wonder “what if” you missed the secrets that would have changed everything. I don't know about you, but I hate looking back and wondering "what if".

Look I've missed the boat a few times in my life... but you do not want to miss this.

Pick up your package NOW… use it… try every secret… catch as many crappie as you can… and then decide if you want to keep it. You can always send it back within 1 year.

Gone Fishin’,

Daniel Eggertsen
Fisherman & Creator of Old School Crappie Fishing Secrets

"...We Also Caught A 4-Pounder (Our Personal Best)..."

(Click "play" to hear Rick's story - 1 minute 25 seconds)

Hi Dan,

Your course is a gold mine of techniques from some of the finest crappie fishermen in this great country of ours.

This course is the "cream of the crop" compared to any other fishing information I've seen, and my wife and I have been crappie fishing for almost 20 years now. Once we got the course, we realized how much we didn't know!

Using the techniques we caught 56 crappie in an evening (the most ever!) And we also caught a 4-pounder (our personal best) using a unique bait we found out about from Dale Mitchell in the manual #7!

But Steve Farmer has to be my favorite. Using his scent secrets we're able to catch over 50 crappie almost any time we want to. In fact, we used his scenting techniques to catch all of the crappie for our fish fry.

Everything is spelled out so clearly as to what gear is best, what baits are most effective, how to find the hotspots, how to coax crappie into a spot, and how to entice them to bite.

It's one thing to see the information laid out in the manuals, but the ultimate reward was listening to the guys on the CD's. They all have great personalities, and I almost feel like I know them.

Thanks for putting together such a great package Dan, I can't wait to go fishing again!


Kathy (and Rick) Littrell
Ellington, Missouri

Kathy and Rick in front of their boat

56 filleted crappie caught with Dale Mitchell's bait secrets... and ready for the fish fry!

Mmmm... Nothing beats fried crappie!

"It Was One Of The Most Productive Hours
Of Crappie Fishing In My Life."

(Click "play" to hear Red tell it - 1 minute 15 seconds)

Hi Daniel,

The course is great, and the techniques these guys teach are tried and true, handed down over the years from one generation to another. And they really work.

I tested some of the dock fishing tips and caught 11 crappie, all about 2 pounds... and I caught them all in less than 1 hour! It was one of the most productive hours of crappie fishing in my life.

The best stuff, for me, is the actual step-by-step techniques laid out in the manuals. Especially the ones that talk about using specific presentations during different times of the year.

I can identify with all of these fishermen, due to the fact that I'm an old country boy - and my family and friends all have a similar way of thinking.

I love the course, Dan, and with so many old secrets in my hands, I know I won't fail to fill a stringer even when fishing new water.

Anyone who's serious about catching a ton of crappie should be serious about trying these secrets. I've never seen some of this stuff before, but the stuff I've tried actually works!

Thanks Daniel!

Red Culp
Charlotte, North Carolina

Good 'ol Red in front of his boat

P.S. Imagine having hundreds of powerful (and completely unique) “instinct” crappie catching secrets at your fingertips. You’ll catch dozens (sometimes hundreds) of crappie – even when your fishing buddies can’t get a bite. When you place your order today you’ll receive the set of 8 CD’s, 8 step-by-step manuals, and these 5 free bonus gifts: (1) The Advanced “Old School” Crappie Jigging Secrets Course (including little-known techniques for “speed catching” crappie, $79 value), (2) The Quick ‘N Easy Old School Crappie Fishing Fundamentals Course ($79 value) , (3) “Do You Make These Common Crappie Fishing Mistakes?” Special Report ($29 Value), (4) “Cutting Through The Crap” Crappie Fishing Equipment Report ($49 Value, Lifetime Updates!), and (5) Free Shipping (if using payment plan 1 or 2, $15 value)

Click here to select a 100% 1-Year Guaranteed payment plan!

P.P.S. Today you’ll get everything for only $297 $197 ($100 less than what everyone else will pay) because of the limited-time Introductory Special good through midnight on Sunday, . Plus, it’s 100% guaranteed with my “no questions asked” 1-Year Money Back Guarantee!

P.P.P.S. No more wasting time (and money) on disappointing crappie fishing trips. Catch all you can handle by using proven “family secrets” that have been closely-guarded for decades…

P.P.P.P.S. Your fishing buddies (even your kids) will love fishing with you once they see these unique “old school” crappie fishing secrets. But you must promise me that you only share them with close family and friends. And remember… you must act by this Sunday to get the 5 free bonuses and save $100.

Click here to receive the closely-guarded family secrets of
12 old school crappie fishermen, now!

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